We at DE-HOMË know how trying the last few months (and, in particular, the last few weeks) have been for all of you. The world feels unstable and volatile – baleful, even. But don’t worry, things well get back to being as usual soon enough and, in the meantime, we will help you reconstruct the feeling of normalcy. 


This special issue of the DE-HOMË catalogue shows you how to reassert order over your life – all in the comfort of your home! Using our furniture and accessories that you already have around the house, you can re-create all of those social ‘experiences’ that you’ve come to miss these last few months in lockdown. 


Can’t go to the gym? Use your papyrus shade concentric lamp set as a set of dumbbells. Missing the great outdoors? Rediscover tranquillity on the comfort of the toilet by using the scolecite ceramic basin and postmodern faucet as a fishing pond. 


You’re stuck at home and the world is descending into madness. Time to reorganize, to redecorate, and reinvent! 


The DE-HOMË family


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